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School Counselor Agenda - Sex Education Course

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School Counselor Agenda - Sex Education Course


1. Abstract

2. Introduction

3. What is sex?

4. How you are changing?

5. Why boys and girls are different and where babies come from?

6. Importance of studying sex at age 10-12 years

7. Conclusion

8. Reference

9. Appendix


As a school counselor, I am in charge of presenting a sex education course to the student body of late childhood ages 10 through 12 years of age. The discussion is needed to help children grow in a way that is essential on the basis of what is happening on their physical, emotional and
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A further enumeration will be put into consideration on the topics as a form of helping the children understand what sex entails. Additionally, inclusion of a conclusion will be instigated to sum up the contents of the paper.

Topics to be discussed

Children aged 10-12 years of age need to be taught on matters associated with sex as a way of helping them develop in the right way, especially in the modern world. Discussing about sex early enough is significant as it is aimed at assisting a child comprehends that sex is normal. Sex as a topic, is very delicate especially if one lacks the skills of reasoning and caring for their body. Significantly, as a school counselor, I will take the initiative to teach children topics related to sex, so as to assist them understand what life entails and how to grow in the right perspective. Therefore, the topics that will need to be discussed are:

1. What is sex when teaching children aged 10-12 years?

2. How you are changing sexually?

3. Why boys and girls are different and where babies come from?

4. What is the importance of studying sex at age 10-12 years?

What is sex?

Sex can mean a number of things based on the person using the term. An example of the meaning of sex is one component of gender or it is a term utilized to describe the genetic markers of gender. Harris & Emberley (2009), indicates that the physical sex consists of genitals, hormones, chromosomes and spectrum. Moreover, sex is also

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