Sex Education Should Be Reinforced Essay

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A 2006 study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that among U.S. high schools, eighty-seven percent taught abstinence while only eleven percent taught safe sex (Abiona, 2012). Statistics shows teens are having more sex, so regarding that information safe sex education should be reinforced. In 2012, The Guttmacher Institute released data and information that sex education not only helps young adults delay intercourse, but also has a positive impact on other decisions when they do, such as partner selection (Abiona, 2012).”For example, take a student that has been educated all throughout high school about abstinence, safe sex, as well as sexually transmitted diseases, and he/she attends a college as a freshman. College students are no longer under the influence of mom and dad, and they begin to experience all the liberating feelings that come along with college. Anxiety, stress, and depression all kicks in at one. College creates an environment that puts many students in high-risk situations. Sex being one of them. According to a survey known as Sexual Satisfaction Survey conducted by Lifestyles Condoms in early 2012, thirty-three of the participants said they had sexual intercourse several times per week, and twelve percent admitted to having sex multiple times per day. Eighty-six percent of the responders have had between one and ten sexual partners, with ten percent confessing to more than fifteen sexual partners (Rogell, 2012). The majority of these…

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