Sex Education Should Be Legal Essay

1357 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 null Page
Sex education should be an important part of all adolescences’ education. According to many peer reviewed articles, the United States has surprisingly the highest rates in teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.(21) In order for these rates to be controlled is through sex education. Sex education must be enforced. It is not a requirement in most schools in the United States. Due to the lack of support received by the government, most schools do not have enough funds for these programs. These sex education programs can make a huge difference in the life of students. It is believed that these programs are the way to protect teenagers in their physical and psychological health. Sex education is a huge argument among many school directors, some believe that is should be enforced in schools and others believe it should be taught at home according to their religious values. Moreover, throughout the research on sex education an article written by Douglas Kirby, states that the United States has the highest rates on teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases compared to other countries. The sex education programs are best known to control these rates. These different types of programs have levels, meaning that some can be more intense than others. Studies have shown that the results depend on the intensity of the programs. The more comprehensive and long-term programs have led to dramatic results, while the short-term programs have minor effects. The programs,…

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