Sex Education Should Be Implemented At A Federal Level For High School Students

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For centuries the education field has experienced controversial topics and this has forced the question of which of these topics do teacher decided to educate on, and if it is appropriate for the classroom. Sex education has been amongst those topics where states have had to decide if sex education was needed and if it was deemed necessary for proper education. Sex Education had gone through a large transformation and it is more essential now more than ever with th rising teen pregancy rates and STD rates amongst teens.Sex education should be implemented at a federal level for high school students.
Sex education was never been mandated on a federal level and it has been left up to the states to decide. According to the Future of Sex Education by 1989 only 23 states have sex education, but all of those states follow different curriculum, in which only 13 states require for it to be accurate and informational. Throughout the 1980’s, these arguments began to lose legitimacy as the American republic reinterred its support. Research conclusively refuted the idea that teaching sex education would increase sexual activity but when sex education is not a priority we see these rates skyrocket. Over the last 20 years pregnancy rates have doubled since what they used to be and it is time for America to get the source the problem and pose a solution which is proper sex education for high school students. “Each year, U.S. teens experience as many as 850,000 pregnancies, and youth under…

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