Sex Education In Schools

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Determining the right age for sex education in schools
Sex education is always a controversial topic. Most school in the united state usually provides their students with some types of sex education according to the grade there in. However some school decides upon the curriculum. Some schools leave it up to the students’ teacher to make that decision if they want to bring that topic up. Others argue that it is the parent’s responsibility to teach their children about sex. Some parents are for sex education program in school, others are against it. Some parents want to look over the curriculum before it is thought to their children. They want to make sure that the curriculum provide good values and have appropriate behaviors.
Sex education is where information is given to young forks and must be taken into account accorded to their development, growth and the changes that occur from youth all the way to adulthood. Sex education deals with the human sexuality. The school education gold is to help the children build a foundation as the mature
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Physically their body grow in height and weight, their bodies changes and capable of reproducing. There brain matures and give them the ability to think and solve issues. They learn how to recognize, understand and controlled their emotions. Children learn how to distinguish right from wrong, an able to formulate their moral values. They start to discover how their bodies work and how to express their sense of gender. Children of school entry age, that is, five years old, well able to grasp sexual concept and understandings such as emotions, relationships, body parts and difference between sexes, and simple facts of conception, pregnancy and birth(Goldman, 199). Sex education aims to help decrease the risks of potentially negative outcome from sexual behavior. Sex education should not just be about puberty, it should help our children to feel safe and enjoy their

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