Essay about Sex Discrimination With The Interior Of The Organization

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In regards to the change in SNCC with gender relations, a workshop was held at Waveland in order to confront sex discrimination with the interior of the organization. Within the workshop, a paper was written by both Casey Hayden and Mary King detailing the exclusion and sex discrimination that many women have faced. The paper highlighted issues that constantly asked women to “perform mundane office chores” instead of inviting them to take part in serious issues. For example, they were excluded from chair meetings as well as taking an important role within the organization to conduct in policy making. In addition, many black men within the organization found it difficult to understand the resentment woman had in being equal. For instance, there was this grey line between whites and black men where whites did not understand why blacks resented being called “boy” or a stereotypical name. Just as the whites did not understand, so did the blacks. The masculine pride of black males clouded their judgment, thus perceiving women as a threat to their existence. In essence, black males within the organization would brush off this issue of sex equality as nothing more than a minor complaint. Even when the issues were confronted by SNCC male workers, they would argue that compared to other issues such as race equality, it was only a minor matter. Although this issue of sex discrimination was ignored, it spiked a change between the women in SNCC whom would raise similar concerns for…

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