Essay about Sex Before Marriage in Indonesia

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I. INTRODUCTION In biology, sex is a process of combining and mixing genetic traits, often resulting in the specialization of organisms into a male or female variety. In general, sex is a sexual activity done by male and female to produce a new organism. Sex is used to express and to unite the love of two persons. In Indonesia, sex was a very sacred process that was only done by a marriage couple. The only reason to have sex is to have child. Nobody talks about relationships, about intimate feeling, moreover about sex. In Indonesia sex was taboo. As time pass by, Indonesia becoming a developing country. Which means it has to be more global so it can compete with other countries. By entering the globalization era, Indonesia enters a …show more content…
Percentage of women that had lost their virginity before marriage in big cities are surprisingly very high. In 2011, from 5 cities that being studied, the highest percentage of people that already have sex is Bandung, followed by Yogyakarta and Bali. Now the question is, is it wrong? Is it wrong to have sex before marriage? Is it wrong to show your feeling to someone you love? Is it wrong to follow modern culture? If you ask Indonesian's people these questions, most of them will say yes. They will say that it is wrong to have sex before marriage. They will say that there are a lot more other ways to show your feeling to someone. They will say that people who are not married are not ready to have sex. They say these things because they are used to Indonesian's culture. And they do have a point. There are a lot of consequences when you have sex before marriage, pregnancy and the worst is STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease). There are a lot of teenagers that got pregnant because they had free sex. And worse, some of them had abortion. The worst part is, 70 percent people got HIV because of free sex. So from that we see that sex before marriage is wrong. But, other people that had sex before marriage but didn't get pregnant moreover abortion had something else to say. There are also people that had sex before marriage but manage to get pregnant after they're married. So now, is it one hundred percent wrong? This is a difficult question to answer. There are always

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