Essay on Sex And The Brain : Structure And Functions

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Sex and The Brain:
Neurophysiological Structures and Functions Much research has been conducted on the topic of sex in recent years due to the lack of research and explanation given to it. Schools, religions, and parental figures have all done much to prevent youth to experience these types of physical activities. Lectures about abstinence have hidden the reality of sex by telling people about STD’s and sinful natures, which is necessary in their own respect but not a worthy conclusion to the matter. There is an increase in sexual activity and its mystery through the mediums of television programming, pornography, and intimate relationships. Due to this reality, a focus of sexual activity is imperative in understanding human behavior. Through a neurophysiology study one can better understand what occurs while the act of sex is happening and how it looks. This paper will observe the physical and neuroanatomical structures involved in sexual activity and go through the four parts of sexual activity. There will be a focus on the four stages of the human sex cycle which consist of desire, arousal, orgasm, and resolution.
Physical Structures There are three structures that are involved during sexual intercourse including the penis, vagina, and the brain. The penis with the scrotum are part of the reproductive physical structure included in the male. Females possess the vagina with the clitoris, which are part of the female reproductive structure. Each are separate structures…

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