Sewing Machine Has Changed With Different Designers Essay

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There is always something different about every sewing machine, whether it’s computerized or mechanical. The way a machine operates with fabric makes that machine unique (Marie). Sewing is an activity that requires patience, it also involves stitching fabrics together by hand with a thread and needle or by a sewing machine to make clothes and even shoes that people wear today (Smith) (Cyprus). Throughout the history, fashion has changed with different designer’s unique styles. Although sewing has evolved in numerous ways, it still is relevant today with design concepts adapting to changing society and specific colors affecting people’s moods.
The clothes that people wear today were created by a sewing machine, but before sewing machines people would hand sew fabric pieces together to create clothes. The sewing machine is noteworthy for marketing advances and was the first home appliance to be sold on installment credit, a type of credit that gives the person a fixed number of payments. However, 20,000 years ago before the sewing machine, people used to use bone needles that had eyes attached to it to sew together fur (Stitches In Time). In the third century BC, the Celtic Hill Fort in Manching, Germany introduced the first sewing needles that were made of iron. After 1500 years had passed, in 1755, Karl Weisenthal invented the first needle for a sewing machine but he did not come out with the actual machine (Stitches In Time).
Later on, in 1790 Thomas Saint came out with…

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