Serial Murder : A Contemporary Australian Case Of Peter Dupas

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Serial murder has been present for centuries. Some records dating it back as early as the 1800s with Jack the Ripper. Many theories have been established into the explanation of serial murder such as trauma-control model, motivational model and lust murder (also known as extreme sadism) as Paraphilia. This essay will focus on lust murder, with a brief commentary on both trauma-control and motivational models in regards to this theory respectively. This will be shown in terms of its historical context, key features, strengths and limitations and how lust murder as a paraphilia can be used to explain serial murder. This essay will also outline an introduction to paraphilia’s as well as a contemporary Australian case of Peter Dupas.
It is worth noting one of the earliest studies on sexual sadists by Dietz, Hazelwood and Warren (1990) with the analysis of 30 sample cases, with the majority of offenders being males with female victims. Dr Dietz has outlined 5 types of serial killer through his clinical experience, outlining the sexual sadist as ‘psychopathic’. Concurrently, Zuckerman’s (1999) theory of psychopathy henceforth argues that psychopaths can be predicted at an early age; as young as 3 years old. The key point is that potential criminals usually have ‘antisocial fathers and low nurturance in the mother’ (p. 359). Dietz et al (1990) study discovered that twenty percent of offenders had been exposed to sexual abuse as children; Mitchell and Aamodt (2005) similarly…

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