Sensation And Perception Work Together Essay

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Sensation and perception work together in developing an interpretation of a stimulus to assign meaning to a particular experience or object (Grivas, Down & Carter 1996); however, they are still two individual concepts. Sensation is the passive process of gathering information via any of the five human senses, so that it can be perceived meaningfully (Clause 2015). Perception is the process in which important information gathered by the sensory system is selected and interpreted, so that a subject can assign meaning to it (Butler & McManus 2011). The interaction between the two allows a complete perceptual experience (Grivas, Down & Carter 1996), and the two concepts closely overlap in each of the six stages of the sensory and perceptual systems.
Sensation has been defined as 'the reception and transduction of information and it 's transmission to the brain ' (Grivas, Down & Carter 1996), describing the process of detecting either the presence or change in a physical stimulus, and the conversion of such energy into electromagnetic energy that can then be transmitted to the brain (Grivas, Down & Carter 1996). Sensation allows the brain to absorb information via any of the five human senses; including sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing (Clause 2015). The ultimate purpose of this process is to provide the brain with a stimulus. The stimulus that sensation detects does not necessarily differ between subjects, as it is not influenced by any personal factors such as…

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