Senior Citizen Persuasive Essay

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When we get old and gray, we start thinking about our past life. Where are we now? Where are we going? Will we be happy? Will we be loved? Will we be alone? Who will care? In the years past, we have seen many different lifestyles of senior citizens, both positive and negative. The one true fact that we notice is that when a senior citizen smiles, he, or she, is happy, satisfied and will live a longer life. The point of this essay is to show how pets, either real or mechanical, will help make the lives of elderly people both pleasant and satisfying. After retirement, the years pass fast. We are concentrating on our being able to be with our friends and family more often, without the time constraints we had during our working careers. …show more content…
When a senior has a pet, they have the good loving, caring relationship that is vital to their life. Pets have been found to reduce stress which in turn lowers the heart rate. Some may say that having a pet has "healing powers". (Hanley 2007). Researchers have found that anxiety among seniors greatly decreased when volunteers brought pets into the environment. (A dog's touch). "Mr. Nirut introduced ‘pet therapy' as an alternative treatment to an audience at Senior Happy Day 2007 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre. He said most common pets – dogs, cats, rabbits, birds or fish – can help elderly people with muscle problems or mild Alzheimer's, or stroke victims, in one way or another" (Pet therapy a boon for the elderly 2007). Touching, feeling, playing, and even holding an animal strengthen weaknesses in a person's body. There are some negative effects in maintaining the relationship with an animal companion. There was a case done in Australia where the group monitored emergency department submissions of patients 75 years and older over 18 months. Many fractures were received in the daily routine of caring for their pet; even having them around resulted in injuries. The conclusion of the study was that "Pets are a potential environmental

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