Semiotics in Fashion Photography: Does It Affect Culture as Much as Culture Affects It?

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Semiotics in Fashion Photography: Does it affect culture as much as culture affects it?


Fashion Photography has taken quite the belittling from the conventional world of photography. Where other forms of photography ‘naturally’ capture beauty, fashion photography is have said to be too meticulous in ‘setting up’ the photograph. . Brookes states that, “fashion advertising, in particular, is seen as negating the purity of the photographic image. We see the typical [in fashion photography] instead of the unique moment or event.”

Despite such an outlook on fashion photography, it has received thorough analysis and academic attention from the likes of Barthes, Wilson, Anderson, Brookes and Kawamura. Barthes has taken
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Feasibility of proposed enquiry

Fashion is constantly everywhere around us, and I will take advantage of the fact that I live in a world surrounded by fashion. For my research I will be gathering large amounts of my facts and data from online sources, journals and e-books, and if possible from books, and my own observational analysis from fashion magazines and opinions of audiences. My aim for this essay is to analyse and contextualize the semiotics in fashion photography, coming to the conclusion of how much it affects society and culture. With my own analysis of fashion photography I will come to the conclusion of either end of the spectrum.

Relevance of enquiry to personal practice

Through the research that I acquire and what I learn, I think it is important to broaden my aspects of skill to other industries. The fashion industry is not too far from the design, and I think as being one of the most ‘communicative languages’ through visual means, fashion is an important step to understanding wholly of what makes the world tick through visuals. As an inspiring designer and photographer, I would like to use this practice to benefit me in constructing my own meanings in works and to contextualize them on my own in the future.


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A paper that concentrates on “Rolands Barthes early semiologically inspired theory of fashion and discusses how this theory can

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