Essay on Semantic Integration And Retrieval Of L1 And L2

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Learning a second language (L2), after a first has already been acquired, may be a different process from learning a first language (L1); it involves acquisition of a new set of arbitrary forms to re-represent an already established set of forms from L1 (Midgley, Holcomb, & Grainger, 2009). Semantic and translation priming studies utilizing vocabulary from two languages offer an informative perspective into these processing systems of second language in the mind of a bilingual or a second language learner. The findings in this type of research provide important insights to help implement teaching methods and facilitate learning as more students are expected to learn a second language as part of their required curriculum, and as more children are enrolled in schools with little knowledge of the foreign language. Understanding second language organization and processing enhances communication between native speakers and language learners across correspondences in all contexts, which will lead to improved global relations. The purpose of the current study is to investigate semantic integration and retrieval of L1 and L2 in the memory of a language learner and provide a fuller picture of second language processing.
Several studies examining bilingualism and second language acquisition have found that one’s first language can influence processing of a second language (Basnight-Brown & Altarriba, 2007; Duyck, 2005; Keatley, Spinks, & de Gelder, 1994; Kim & Davis, 2003;…

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