Self Report On Crime And Delinquency Essay examples

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Self-report data plays an important role in revealing some of the dark figures of offending while allowing law enforcement officials to construct a database of offender typologies. Unlike official data collected from crime or arrest reports, self-report surveys extract information directly from the source (the offenders), therefore, revealing details which are typically not solicited during an investigation or an arrest. Moreover, self-reporting has its advantages such as simplicity, cost effectiveness, less sophisticated methodology, and can gather social, situational and behavioral factors, revealing methodologies and patterns of criminal behaviors. In contrast, self-report data also has weaknesses; the measures of crime and its correlates continue to constrain elements that affect participant behaviors (Mosher, Miethe, & Hart, 2011). Consequently, behaviors lead to under/over reporting, concealment of truths, and avoidance of critical information. The City of San Diego and its police department do not participate in self-report surveys in this manner. Self-report on crime and delinquency has tremendous value; therefore, this paper will focus on identifying self-report and draw on scholarly sources to highlight the advantages of self-report surveys and its shortfalls. Self-report measures are any methods of data collection that rely on the participant to report his or her own behaviors, thoughts, or feelings. Accordingly, it should be noted that self-report in…

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