Essay about Self Reflection : Self Actualization

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Self-actualization is the outcome of several skillfully aimed life lessons that have all come together in full circle, where a well rounded individual possessing flawless character traits and chooses to express them accordingly because they understand the validity of human potential on all levels. One must look beyond the vast majority of reasoning, for most people don’t reason on a level past their own needs. Deci et al describes one who is self actualized as one who understands his “basic psychological needs, the needs for competence, autonomy, and relatedness ”(2013). Self determination theory depict three autonomously motivated behaviors fundamentally vital to an integrated sense of self and a respectfully functioning being, they are intrinsically motivated behaviors, extrinsically motivated behaviors, and emotion-motivated behaviors (2013). One who is self actualized understands desires from needs and internalizes where such motivations arise from and how to suitably handle such drives. Self-actualization is the understanding of one’s own potential and the impact they have on others. Most may never reach such an understanding of oneself because their environments do not allocate the necessary contributions for an appropriate understanding of the self and its affinity to its vast potential (2013). Beitel et al describes self-actualization as an “ongoing process of channeling maximum efforts toward the development potential” (2014).
Self determination theory describes…

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