Self Knowledge, Public Self, And Agent Self Essay

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The self is a person 's being and what distinguishes them from others. It is what lets people know that they are separate from other people, who they are, and how they interact socially with others. The self is hard to describe because scientists can not pinpoint any part of the body to what makes up the self. Because the self is so hard to clearly define it is broken down into three main parts: self-knowledge, public self, and agent self.
Self-knowledge is the awareness of beliefs that people have about themselves. This knowledge includes things like how people look, what their GPA is, or what personality traits they each have. Self-knowledge can come from inner thoughts and feelings, from what others have told you, or beliefs that you have created about yourself. The parts of people that can not be argued, like their eye color or where they were born, are parts of self-knowledge that are hold true despite others opinions. However, other parts are subject to interpretation by the self or the people that know the person. Self-knowledge isn 't always correct because of how much it relies on feelings and social interaction. This is where the self becomes a less concrete idea and instead becomes one that is subject to change and interpretation. The self can deceive itself to believing that it has more positive qualities to protect itself from negative thoughts, social interactions, and feelings.
One of the more common self-deceptions people use is to only apply the good…

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