Self Esteem And Academic Achievement Essay

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Self-Esteem and Academic Achievement

Teenagers today are faced with an increasing amount of pressure. They are expected to have an active social life, perform well in school, maintain healthy family relationships, be involved in extracurricular activities, and to do all of this with poise and confidence. Failure to manage excellence can greatly impacts one’s self-esteem. This shapes their belief in their own abilities, which in turn may affect how he or she applies him or herself in an academic environment.

Pressures affecting self-esteem include the desire to fit in with peers, bullying, body image, and much more. Pressures extend into academics; students may see their value based on grades, test scores and acceptance into and being able to afford institutions of higher education. In today’s culture, extreme importance is placed on one’s academic performance and high school students feel pressured to perform to increasingly high standards. Failure to meet these standards negatively impacts self concept, especially in people with high contingent self-esteem, or self-esteem that depends on success and failures (van der Kaap-Deeder et al., 2016). It has been recognized that successful and unsuccessful students show differing degrees in academic achievement and emotional levels (Liu & Eckert, 2014). Low self-esteem negatively affects high school students in numerous aspects of their lives. Low self-esteem is linked to many harmful behaviors, such as reckless behavior,…

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