Self Confidence Short Story

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Self-Confidence Self-confidence lies within each of us as individuals and allows us to believe we are capable of doing anything as long as we believe in ourselves. It can be seen in several different areas of life. Self-confidence occurs when winning depends on one person, when someone is determined to achieve a life goal, or when you are facing a difficult situation. Self-confidence is also a personality trait which can help you feel successful in life and confident in what you are doing. The series of short stories Athletic Shorts written by Chris Crutcher, are written with the same overall theme of self-confidence. Angus, Johnny, and Louie all have self-confidence which they discover in each of their stories is a good trait to have. Angus …show more content…
Johnny and his father never see eye to eye. Johnny is a wrestler like his father back in the 1950s which Johnny believes is part of the reason they don’t get along. Johnny is always taunting his father and saying things he knows will make him angry. Even Johnny’s mother says “Do you think of those just to irritate your father” (Crutcher 36)? Johnny dislikes his father and the way he treats his family. Johnny feels like he is never good enough so he decides to challenge his father to a wrestling match. “There’s a way to settle this” (Crutcher 48). Johnny is confident he can beat his father and show him that he is not a wuss. Johnny beats his father after a long match and with a sneer on his lip offers his hand to his father. His father slaps it away and leaves the gym. Johnny learns a tough lesson in father/son relationships that day. Despite his confidence in his ability to beat his father in wrestling he discovers it may not have been the best way as “for the first time ever, and I mean ever, I hear my father break into sobs (Crutcher 59). Here we learn that even though Johnny has the confidence to beat his father, there may have been a better way to pas the

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