Self Actualization Is A Life Long Process Essay

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Self-actualization is a life-long process, but what exactly does this journey self-actualization entail. According to Deci, Ryan & Guay (2013) “people have an inherent tendency toward growth and development, and that this tendency will, under the right circumstances, lead people toward actualizing their human potential, which means to become all that they are capable of being” (p. 109). In layman’s terms the authors were saying that theorists like Maslow and Rogers not only proposed but determined that people inherently want to succeed in life and that if they are motivated properly within themselves and through the help of a good support system they can develop the potential to not only be successful in life but also have a high sense of worth. Self-actualization needs by definition of Maslow is “the highest level of human motivation; they include the need to fully develop all of one’s psychological capacities” (Feist, Feist, & Roberts, 2013, G-13). Maslow explained that self-actualization was a complex process that had needs that must be fulfilled in order to reach full human potential. It is a realization that a person must come to about one’s talents and potential and is considered the driving force to human perfection and self-satisfaction. Rogers explained self-actualization as “a subsystem of the actualizing tendency; the tendency to actualize the self as perceived” (Feist, Feist, & Roberts, 2013, G-13). The way a person perceives themselves can make or break them.…

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