Self Actualization In Social Work

Social work is a profession that helps those in need. Providing resources, developing social and health policies, implementing programs, etc. In order to be successful in the social work field one must understand different culture systems, understanding human behavior, knowing the importance of social relationships, and having the concept of self-actualization, and understanding the values needed for social work practice. There is a system that that integrates these values. Learning about a specific culture gives the social worker a foundation when working with a specific population. This can lead to understanding one’s behavior. The importance of social relationships (family structure, peers, coworkers, etc.) is another system that influences individual behavior. Talcott Parson’s labeled this as the personality system. How is the individual influenced by the people around them? The concept of self-actualization can be referenced to the biological system. According to Parson’s this system focuses on how the individual learns and how they are …show more content…
Self-actualization is when a person has the desire to reach his/her potential. What they learn and whomever influences them could possibly determine that. Theories explain how people behave and why they behave that way. Systems is what contributes to the behavior; environmental influences, cultural values, beliefs, biology, etc. “Systems theories are based on holistic views of people that acknowledges the interrelationship between biological, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of behavior.” (cite book) in 2004 Netting Kettner and McMurry have used systems theory in macro-social work practice. Dehoyos and Jensen referred to Parson’s structural functionalism as a solitary systems approach in providing new ways to address social problems. On the

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