Self Actualization And Self Determination Essay example

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Self-Actualization and Self-Determination are part of the concept of human potential.
The article that this summary is about is of an article based upon self-actualization and self –determination. The main concept of this article is looking at a person’s own potential and how it is something more than previous psychologists have postulated. This article goes into depth about what SDT (Self-Determination Theory) is and how the writers go about trying to explain SDT.
This theory is about how human begins with organismic metatheory which means that people have the inclination to be proactive toward the refinement and integration in self-functioning (Deci, Ryan, & Guay, 2013). The article goes on to state that there is three types of autonomous behaviors. These types are
“…(1)intrinsically motivated behaviors, which are engaged in out of interest and enjoyment; (2) extrinsically motivated behaviors that are motivated by values that are fully internalized and integrated; and (3) emotion-motivate behaviors for which the regulatory processes have been well integrated” (Deci, Ryan, & Guay, 2013).
SDT is about how each person has, at minimum, all three of these types of behaviors. The article goes on to state needs that are basic psychological needs for everyone. These needs are competence, relatedness, and autonomy. The article goes into what happens when those needs are not met. SDT shows that the longer people do not have these basic needs met they will at first try…

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