Selecting A Martini Restaurant For My Research Essay

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I chose to select Martini Restaurant for my research as I am a frequent diner there. To do the interview, I emailed the manager asking for his permission and the interview was held at the back of the restaurant within a week. For the interview, I arranged a range of open-ended basic questions that were easy to understand and also, I asked permission to do an audio recording as well which was useful to me in doing my appendix.

History of Martini Restaurant:
Martini Restaurant is a medium-sized Italian restaurant in Bath, UK that has been around for 15 years. Well-known for its customer service and delicious cuisines, it has gain popularity easily. It has also appeared in BBC 's Food and Drink show (Gillespie, 2013) and the three owners of Martini were more than happy to participate in it. Not only that, Martini has manage to overcome competition from big food chains in their street to emerge as one of the most favourite to dine in at any time of the day. This is one of the reasons why I sought after their manager for my report.
This report seeks to establish facts about Martini and how it operates it business with regards to all roles.

The first section of the report is going to be concentrated on the ‘Five Performance Objectives’ of Martini.
The Five Performance Objectives mainly refers to the qualities which a business organisation uses for its management. These objectives are normally listed out from the top to bottom accordingly to their importance. The Five…

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