Seeing The African American Civil War Essay

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Seeing the African-American Civil War Museum (AACWM) for the first time may be quite shocking for many, but not for the reasons one may think. African-American engagement in the Civil War is not addressed as much as it should be. Nearly 40,000 black men lost their lives fighting with the union yet, their participation is often glossed over. The museum is a good representation of this.
If a person is walking down Vermont Ave they may not realize there is a museum there. This is due to the fact that the museum is nestled away between a school and a house. The arch which marks its entrance is dilapidated and old. No one would know the museum existed based on its location. It is located near the historic U street but its placement is very off-putting. Many of the museums in DC are placed in noticeable areas, but this museum is placed in a rather impoverished neighborhood. The AACWM may easily be forgotten solely because of its chosen location. The placement of the museum may discourage other races, outside of African-Americans, from coming to visit it. The people who should be learning about the African-American involvement in the Civil War are not the people who are visiting the museum. Unfortunately, the location is the first of the museums many problems.
When the Civil War is discussed, in any setting, African-Americans are rarely ever mentioned. With that being said, the existence of the AACWM in and of itself is a step towards progress. Yet sadly the museum is not so…

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