Sedentary Lifestyles And Being Indoors Essay

1333 Words Mar 17th, 2016 null Page
Sedentary lifestyles and being indoors has become the new normal especially for our western societies. So much so, we often lose touch with our true selves. Shilling (as cited in, Wagg et al, 2014) points out that our bodies provide us with more than just a means to live and our bodies really shape who we are, our interactions, and even how we classify the world. Our body is something that we should take precious care of because it is connected to our mind. Inactivity of the body and mind has huge risks and drastically shortens one’s life. It has been discovered that in Australia and many other western cultures spend more than 80% of their days indoors (Harper et al., 2012). This number is staggeringly high and quite unbelievable; so unbelievable that it calls for an intervention. The increase in technological devices is a key factor into why so many people are sedentary. Media and technology has created these illusionary chains that have shackled people to their chairs. This is especially relevant to our youth because they are our future leaders. Currently, our adolescents face huge amounts of stress. Many adolescents really struggle with how to cope with stress and learning these coping skills is a very serious asset in order for them to become healthy adults (Russell et al., 2015). These coping skills are not taught alongside the mandatory English lesson or even in physical education, but school is where most stress stems for adolescents and where the majority of their…

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