Essay on Security Safety And The Security Industry

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Every industry is plagued with detractors and the security industry is no exception. When you think of this industry you think of extra measures being taken to protect different forms of assets and the extra investments that are made to reach security goals. You also think of certain levels of competence being used to implement security measures. While the security industry often tries to reduce/eliminate its unique detractors, it very often overlooks some of the key causes of security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are often caused by the ‘industry’ aspect of the need to remain employed and the need to turn a profit; ultimately, transferring risk to the unaware stakeholder.
Personnel Skill Sets
How do you know if you have gained beneficial advice that eliminates/lowers security risk? The security industry consists of many sub-trades that are primarily comprised of Information Security, Personnel Security, Physical Security, Industrial Security, Management Security and Security Officers (formally labeled “Guards”). Each of these sub-trades make unique contributions to security industry. Information Security professionals are skilled in the field of protecting an organization’s intellectual property. This intellectual property often has both tangible and intangible values. Personnel Security professionals are qualified in the field of background investigations and assist Human Resources during employment evaluations. Physical Security professionals are…

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