Security Dilemma Three Theories Essay

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The 20th century has undoubtedly been a time of extreme international uncertainty and political turbulence. Major international conflicts including two world wars, and numerous threats of terrorism has escalated states fear of their own nation's security. Organski explained the direct correlation between war and security when he said , “war occurs because power is expected to conduce to proportional influence, wealth, and security.”. A simple definition of security dilemma is when one state’s security becomes another state’s insecurity. Vague signals along with lack of communication can cause uncertainty, which can result in unwanted fighting.
The big question is whether or not we can resolve the never ending security
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Institutions create a standard for each country. Alternate countries will cooperate easier after they witness liberal behavior being followed and rewarded by other states. International institutions get rid of a massive amount of uncertainty, which encourages states from spiraling into the security dilemma. Liberalists view cooperation as attractive. Liberalists believe that economic interdependence promotes peace. The theory states that if countries are dependent on each other for prosperity, than countries will have more incentives to cooperate. For example, because free trade raises the cost of war it is beneficial to solve problems through diplomacy and cooperation rather than war. Liberalists truly believe that through international institutions and democracy peace is possible, and the security dilemma can be stopped. However, it is essential not to forget that converting countries into liberal democratic states is exceptionally difficult. On the other hand realists are pessimistic about creating lasting peace. Unlike liberalists, realists view people as greedy and aggressive. Realists main priority is maximum power and security. earsheimer said it best when he explained the realist viewpoint in, The Tragedy of
Great Power Politics, “ the best way for a

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