Securing ‘Decent’ Conditions for Migrant Workers Essay

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Securing ‘Decent’ Conditions for Migrant Workers1
- should it be a part of SAARC Social Charter!
Pravin Sinha2
The short term migrants are those who move to other region of the same country or to another countries for employment and intend to return the country of their docile. They are beyond the place of their permanent residence with sole intention to earn income that would help in meeting the needs of the family in a better manner. In performance of their work they face exploitation at the hands of employers as also recruiting agents. The national laws protecting the interests of workers normally remain untouched in so far migrant workers are concerned as either they are not covered or overlooked. Worst is the case
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The South Asia accounts for 3.3 per cent of the world’s landmass and one fifth of the world population. The size of countries vary from a very large (India) to very small
(Bhutan and Maldives). Nearly half of the world's poor live in this region. The regional has over one and half billion population with gross domestic product (GDP) merely at about US $350 billion as such poverty is wide spread. All the countries have accorded pivotal importance to development work still poverty, unemployment, lopsided

Presented at SACEPS/FES [Nepal] Seminar on “Labour Migration, Employment and Poverty Alleviation in South Asia” held on August 09-10, 2007 at Kathmandu, Nepal
Sr. Project Advisor [Trade Unions and Industrial Relations], Friedrich Ebert Stiftung [India Office] New
Delhi, India. [ ] and Chief Facilitator, Participatory Development Unit [pdu],
New Delhi, India [ ]

development, wide spread illiteracy continues to be their basic problems. While assessing the trends in development in South Asia, Mahabubul Haq concluded that South
Asia is fast emerging as the poorest, the most illiterate, the most malnourished, and the least gender sensitive region in the world.3
The Region has lowest level of human development records. According to the South
Asia Human Development Report, region’s per capita income of $309 in 1993 is the lower than any

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