Secular Ethics Definition: My Christian And Christian Ethics

My Secular Ethics Definition:

-Secular ethics does not associate with any religions or spiritual ways, and in return does not practice many moral principles. It does not worry about right from wrong and has no morals to hold back from either. A person would not be confined to a certain way of life if they had secular ethics.

My Christian Ethics Definition:

-Christian ethics is a manner of those who exhibit a faith in Jesus Christ. One who displays a Christian ethical way of life, has determined right from wrong and try to deter from doing wrong. These people have morals that aid them from making negative choices. These moral principles help them to lead a life through Christ and not through the world.

My Medical Ethics Definition:

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It is all about making decisions based off of what we read and learn about in His word. There is not necessarily a right and wrong way specifically in The Bible, but there are things that happened and ways that Jesus healed that we can learn from. With Christian medical ethics, it is all about being morally responsible for our decisions and dependent on God’s help.

Comparing/Contrasting Secular and Christian
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They both deal with one who is seeking out medical help from the right person. I think one of the biggest differences is where they look to for their decision making and the moral aspect of it all. Medical Ethics places the emphasis of a decision based on medical science. Christian ethics uses science as a guide, but places the sole emphasis of a decision on God and his principles. Both medical and Christian ethics look towards a higher power to base their decision on, either science or God. Medical ethics will override a person’s beliefs to save their life. Let’s use a Jehovah’s witness going into open heart surgery. The Jehovah’s witness states that he does not want a blood transfusion during surgery if something goes wrong, but he does not declare DNR, and wants to be saved if needed. From a Medical ethics perspective, if he needs a transfusion to save his life, they will give him one against his wishes. From a Christian ethical perspective, they would honor that wish due to his

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