Sectionalism Between The North And The South Essay

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Alyssa Khoury
Mr. Brennan
Sectionalism in the 1800s In the early 1800s, sectionalism between the North and the South was based on slavery. While the North completely disagreed with the idea of slavery, the South was all for the idea of slavery. As more time has passed, slavery became a greater issue. Throughout the United States of America, life for the slaves had slightly changed. The states of the North had become anti-slavery and the states of the South became slavery supporters. This is a relation to sectionalism in the 1800s because as time went by, the North and the South began to encounter issues, such as losing supporters with the same views of slavery. As the issues became more violent, the separation of the two Cardinal Directions began to expand. During the early to mid 1800s, sectional differences forced the North and South further and further apart. Some of the differences that forced the North and the South to become further apart are the Missouri Compromise, the Dred Scott Decision, and the Fugitive Slave Act. The first reason that the North and the South began to separate further apart is the Missouri Compromise. The Missouri Compromise was an attempt to permit slavery in the twenty-one states that were discovered. The twenty-one states were separated between free states and slave states. A spark was enacted once Missouri requested to become a slave state. To keep peace, Congress granted the wants of Missouri and made Maine a slave state. The…

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