Ancient Peru Civilizations

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How fortunate are we to live in an era in which all the world’s information is at the tip of our fingers? Through online research, we have gained some knowledge in regards to the enriched history and secrets of Peru. By the end of this project, we were convinced it is one of the most unique and densely cultured countries anyone will ever come across in their lifetime. Located in northern South America, it is home to approximately 30 million Peruvians. It has a strong sense of national identity, one that has been shaped by the hybridization of Spanish culture and the culture of ancient Peru civilizations, including the Inca’s, one of the most well-known civilizations in the area.

However the Incas were not the only people to walk the soil of Peru. Long before they were established, there were many other civilizations such as the Chavin, Moche and Chimu. Chavin’s are the oldest known pre-incan civilization dating back to 900 B.C. They were fond of art and religion shaped a large part of their lives. Not much is known about this ancient civilization, and they remain a great mystery to this day. The Moche Civilization dates back to 1 A.D, they were definitely more advanced than the Chavin, and were also fond of art. They crafted art through metal and became quite skilled at farming and fishing. They were followed by the Chimu
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The Incas had learnt a great deal from the Spanish such as new technologies and new methods for going about certain tasks. Resources were also exchanged, the Incas received guns and the Spanish received new foods from the Incas. Even though there were many advantages, there were still many disadvantages. Diseases such as smallpox were brought over by the Spanish, killing many indigenous people. The Spanish imposed their own culture upon the Incas, assimilating them and the indigenous people were also discriminated against by the Spanish due to the Spanish’s Eurocentric

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