Script Analysis : ' Better Living By George F Walker ' The World Of The Play '

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Script Analysis: The Given Circumstances and Background Story

In the well-made play Better Living by George F Walker, the world of the play is shaped around the effect of Tom, the family’s absent Father returning after many years of financial and emotional despair. Through the mechanical analysis the background story shows the struggle of working class families and how the background story shapes the characters prior to the curtains opening that also later affects their decisions in the play. On the other hand, a key element found through the given circumstances was how the mother Nora’s main goal is to keep the family intact. However, keeping the family intact in this play seems that Nora’s goal is only keeping the family from moving forward in their lives.
Through the mechanical analysis, there is one large piece of the background story shapes the world of the play. The piece is the fact that Tom was gone for ten years prior to returning home to his family. When the audience is first introduced to the play the youngest daughter of the three, Gail, confronts her uncle Jack about her absent Father. It is obvious that this conversation between the two is not a new subject as Gail is constantly searching for answers about her Father, which can also relate to Gail’s recurring unsure feelings towards her future. Each of the three daughters and Nora have unanswered questions that are acknowledged when Tom does show up to the door a few scenes later. What was shocking about…

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