Scope Essay

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------------------------------------------------- Project Scope Statement Project Name | Spinal Cord Injury Charity Initiative | Project Number | 56 | Project Manager | | Prioritization | | Owner(s) | |

Statement of Work—Project Description andProject Product | This project will create a safe haven for spinal cord injuries, and a means to give back to the community as family member aware of the shortages of financial assistants for spinal cord injured victims.There are no outcome products for this project as this is a charity group to raise money, specifically by speaking and eventsHigh Level Task:-Find a location for charity event-Book location once proper funds are raised-Ensure monthly meetings have strategic report,
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Suggestions are as followed: * Implement fresh ideas on fundraising by benchmarking and finding new ideas via the internet and sharing with project team. * Keeping public informed of success by posting on project website and social media to get the word out. | Project Assumptions | Assumptions-Will change the culture of the company-Helps spinal cord injury victims/families-Gives back to community-May increase company sales-Long-term effects on sponsoring-Potential networking advantages-Potential business partnership-Building will be full-Fundraising will be success-Speakers will show up-Food will be served-Nonviolent event- | Project Constraints | Limiting Factors:-Is this project clear?-Will project raise money?-Are there enough ideas to cover mission?-Can we depend on people?-Are there any laws associated with charities?-Does the local government require anything?-How are taxes implemented?-What obligation does stakeholders have to support?-Taxes for gofundme account?-Bank implications?-Do we have to fill out federal forms? | Exclusions | Boundaries-There will only be one event annually-No children, adults only-Specific attire no exceptions-Fundraising is not used for traveling, only beginning budget-Funds will not go to any other charity, only Spinal Cord Injury Victims/Families-Members can only use funds for charity ONLY | Acceptance Criteria | What must the charity be able to

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