Scientific Discoveries And Western Imperialism Essay

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Scientific discoveries both from the United States and Europe, during the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, heralded a dramatic break between public health services’ control and improvement of society. It was a moment of contradiction that created unmatched medical advancement that was accompanied by intense imperial force abroad. While these two centuries saw the advancement to infectious disease treatment, reform of individual and household hygiene, and collective health practices, it also used these same advancements as justification to control and reshaping European political and economic influence over the world. The same public health campaigns that helped improve the lives of middle class, also created a society of surveillance for working class people both in the metropoles and abroad. Late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries public health campaigns highlight the complexities of the advancement of science during a moment of global interconnectedness that creates a situation in which those in power [European or American] are confronted with choices to benefit themselves at the cost of others. This paper will discuss the juxtaposition of scientific discoveries and western imperialism from the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and how public health campaigns intersected with everyday life, for the middle and working classes, both domestically and abroad.
In the late-nineteenth century, Koch best known for his work with anthrax discovered…

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