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On the question of science, participants on various occasions referred to some of the misunderstandings surrounding this concept. It was repeatedly mentioned that, notwithstanding general agreement among development planners and practitioners about the crucial role that science has to play in development, many lacked a common understanding of its nature or the ways in which it can contribute to the wellbeing of the masses of humanity. As the discourse evolved over several years, many of these misconceptions were brought to light. Some of them are as follows:

First, the practice of science is all too often reduced to the mere application of technology. What is lost sight of is the fact that science is a system of knowledge and
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It seeks to improve personal physical security and livelihoods and expansion of life chances.
Naomi (1995) believes that development is usually taken to involve not only economic growth, but also some notion of equitable distribution, provision of health care, education, housing and other essential services all with a view to improving the individual and collective quality of life (Naomi, 1995).
Chrisman (1984) views development as a process of societal advancement, where improvement in the well being of people are generated through strong partnerships between all sectors, corporate bodies and other groups in the society. It is reasonable to know that development is not only an economic exercise, but also involves both socio-economic and political issues and pervades all aspects of societal life.

National development
National, according to Longman dictionary of contempo-rary English, refers to a phenomenon that embraces a whole nation. National development therefore can be described as the overall development or a collective socio-economic, political as well as religious advance-ment of a country or nation. This is best achieved through development planning, which can be described as the country’s collection of strategies mapped out by the government.

National development plans in Nigeria
We have had series of development plans in Nigeria. Nigeria is permanently hunted by the spectre of develop-ment. Its forty-nine years of independence

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