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Cardiorespiratory Effects of Exercise

Exercise 1: Cardiorespiratory effects of exercise.

Using the Horizontal Compression buttons and the scroll bar, display the data you wish to present in your report for volunteer.

Blood Pressure

1. What is meant by pulse pressure? What happened during light and heavy exercise to the pulse pressure? Was this what you expected to happen?

ANSWER - Pulse pressure (pp) is the difference between systolic and diastolic pressure readings, where systolic pressure is the peak pressure exerted in the arteries when blood is pumped and diastolic pressure is the lowest pressure exerted when blood is draining. Therefore, representing the force that the heart generates each time it contracts. There
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Briefly explain your findings.

ANSWER - The heart rate is significantly increased from light to heavy exercise. As the exercise became harder and longer, the heart rate gradually increased in correlation to the respiratory rate. An increase in heart rate corresponds to a shortening of the cardiac cycle, as the exercise prolonged at a higher difficulty, the more oxygen and blood is needed to supply to the muscles and therefore an increased heart rate. However, during the light exercise duration, the heart rate did start to decrease towards the end. This could be due to the exercise not performed properly or the body adjusting to the exercise required and therefore, adjusting the heart rate for the performed exercise. This increase of the heart rate is controlled by the stimulation of sympathetic nerves as sympathetic activity increases together with increased levels of epinephrine. Answer |

5. What happened during light and heavy exercise to the respiratory rate? Briefly explain your findings.

In similar reactions to heart rate, the harder and longer the exercise, the higher the respiratory rate (RR). The RR significantly increased at the beginning of the exercise, however quickly plummeted and gradually increased again as the exercise continued. A possible reason why there was such a high RR at the beginning of the exercise could be due to unexpectedness of the exercise - requiring unnecessary breaths. However, the minute volume is

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