Science Is The Era Of Science Essay

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Science is the pursuit and use of information and recognition of the natural and social world through a system that relies on data. Science produces supported principles and is able to show patterns that allow scientists to build new things and sometimes predict events in nature. Science is unique because it is a specific way of developing knowledge that is vastly different than other forms of review. There are many key components in this process by which science creates knowledge. Science determines what is accepted as real and aids to how we live. The era that we’re in right now is the era of science because it has done a great service to the world. Science has contributed to fossil fuel discoveries, surgical procedures being performed to save millions of lives per day, computers and many other inventions that we continue to use in our everyday lives. Science is everywhere and without it daily life would be altered.
We are logical and curious people who have a habit of seeking the mysteries of the earth. This wonder has led to many discoveries through science. In contrast, we are very unsatisfied beings and are always looking for more in depth answers to mysteries that our current knowledge has touched upon. Science has satisfied this desire for knowledge; since through observation, research and skill, we are provided with evidence to natures claims.
Science is the tool I use to understand the planet and events that happen in the world currently and in the past. It…

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