Science And The Science Of Science Essay

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It is neither a novel idea nor a well established statement of fact that science is not about answering questions so much as it is about asking the questions that have yet to be answered. In this regard, the difficulty in science and by extension, chemistry is enabling one’s mind to be open to the seemingly endless possibilities at the frontiers of science. As a point of interest, out of the four questions posed in the opening paragraph of this chapter, only one has a proven answer. Not only has it been answered, but it has been answered by the chemists in the scientific community. Unsurprisingly, the reason for pairing fish with white wine is a chemical one, as the iron content in most red wines only enhances the fishy aftertaste found in seafood . While maybe not the most important advancement we as a society have made in the world of chemistry, this result illustrates the answers chemists can provide to the questions that arise from decades or centuries of tradition which in itself has resulted in a depreciation of its meaning.

The methodology utilised by chemists in analysing the iron contents of wine is consistent with the approach taken by Levi with his puzzle. The “livering” of varnish is supposedly the irreversible thickening of varnish , clearly an issue that is not easily solved. Indeed, the first thought to cross Levi’s mind is that the “chromate was too basic or the resin too acidic” . Clearly, the reasoning process used by early chemists was one based on fixing…

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