Essay on Science And The Most Memorable Encounter With Science

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I believe that science plays an important role in most people 's life, whether we are fully aware of it or not. Most of us probably look at science from an academic perspective, not really considering the many aspects of science involved in our day to day living. I find the subject of science to be very interesting, and therefore for myself, quite easy to learn. Unlike merely memorizing facts and equations, science can be very hands on. Being able to get involved in a scientific process or experiment, helps make it a fun and an enjoyable topic. As a future teacher, I find the prospect of getting my students involved in the learning process of science, to be quite exciting.
One of my most memorable encounters with science is when I was about five years old. My father shot a pretty big buck and brought it home to skin it. I remember that I was obsessed with the dead deer that was hanging in my garage. I was curious about its body and wanted to find out more about it. My dad ended up taking me into the garage and begun to point out body parts to me and let me play with them, such as the lungs. I thought I was the coolest kid when I went to school the next day and told everyone that I was playing with deer lungs. After this experience, whenever my dad got a deer he would point out the organs and give me an explanation on how they worked.
Not only did my dad teach me about anatomy, but him and my mom also taught me about volcanoes. At a young age my family and I took many…

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