Sci 110 Assignment 1 Applications of the Scientific Method Essay

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SCI 110 Assignment 1 Applications of the Scientific Method

Click Link Below To Buy: The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. The scientific inquiry is a way to investigate things and purpose explanation for their observations. Data is gathered, hypothesis suggested, and observations recorded.
Several different troubleshooting methods already exist but according to CompTIA; there are six steps to solve a problem. Drawing a parallel these steps are all included into the scientific method, but how?
Scientific method CompTIA troubleshooting
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In our situation the computer is in the office with network infrastructure, the computer is in the open place easily accessible by another employee, and the problem is connectivity.
2. The second step will be the why? Because the customer said: the computer was working well yesterday; they are in the network environment, and someone else might use the computer it could be a software problem. In this step, we can build a variety of hypothesis on what happening or can happen in this or that situation. Therefore why a computer does not connect? The problem might be the network card, the switch or router, maybe the internal protocol (IP) address is misconfigured, maybe the driver is corrupted. The scientist view will assimilate that to emitting hypothesis.
3. Theories of probable cause (hypothesis): For the purpose of this assignment, let assume that probably the Network Interface Card is faulty, then we need experiment to support our thoughts. The network interface controller (NIC) also called Network Card is a piece of hardware that connects a computer to a network. There are two common culprits for network interface card failure; one will affects the NIC hardware, and another which damages software associated with the NIC card. These are known as power surges and malware.
Power surges are short, fast spikes in the electricity being supplied to a power outlet. They are most likely caused by lightning strikes, the power

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