School Zero Tolerance Essay

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Imagine growing up in an impoverished neighborhood where you see crime and violence everyday. School seems like the only escape for you but in fact, your school is setting you up for failure. Your school has policies and practices which are discouraging to the point where you will drop out and turn to a life of crime, which will push you into juvenile detention, which will eventually cause you to end up in prison later in life. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, public schools do not have the funding nor the resources to provide a sufficient education therefore the chances for dropping out increase. Secondly, the zero tolerance policies as well as suspension and expulsion rates have gone up drastically among children of color …show more content…
Factors such as high suspension rates, on-school police presence, as well as harsh tactics and so on. The problem of the school to prison pipeline is much deeper than some of it factors. A large factor which allows the school to prison pipeline to thrive the most is schools zero tolerance policies. The zero tolerance policies range depending on if the school is an elementary, middle, or high school. According to Joao Da Silva’s article, Zero Tolerance, Zero Consideration published in website, the “zero tolerance” policy first came to be in 1994, when it was being proposed as a part of the Improving America’s Schools Act. Research he gathered while writing this article showed that as more years passed by, the more the zero tolerance policies began to pick up. “Over the years, more and more school districts began using the law to enact strict zero tolerance policies for everything from possession of a lethal weapon, to cub scout camping utensils , laser pointers, Tylenol, and even oregano if it is packaged in a manner that it were to resemble marijuana.” Continually in his article, Da Silva goes into detail explaining that using zero tolerance policies negatively reflect on people as well as the schools that allow this policy. The side effects of enacting these zero tolerance policies on a student can be long lasting and effect them possibly for the rest of their

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