School Uniforms Should Be Required Essay

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Today students often care more about fashion than getting an education. For many years, people have been arguing about the idea of making school uniforms mandatory. Some schools already require their students to wear uniforms, but others are still deciding whether to make it mandatory or not. Schools that have already implemented this policy have seen the benefits of it. School uniforms should be required because it saves time and lot of money for the parents, reduces peer pressure and bullying, and helps prevent the use of inappropriate clothing in a formal institute. First of all, school uniforms should be required because it saves time and a lot of money for the parents. When students aren’t required to wear uniforms, kids and parents have to wake up earlier every morning to decide what would be the perfect outfit of the day. Like for example, kids who usually have to dress are more likely to get late at school in the morning. Having to wear normal clothe, not only it is a waste of time trying to figure out what to wear every day, but also a waste of money because parents have to make sure their kids fit within everyone’s standards. Like for example, every season new clothing comes up so the fashion trend changes so parents feel the need to catch up to make their kids look good. School uniforms can be affordable to any person because they are simple, and can be used throughout the whole school year. It can even be passed to the younger siblings. On the other…

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