School Should Start Later Essay

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Students staying awake until late hours of the night and getting up early for school has caused grades and performances to drop. Teenagers get an average of six to seven hours of sleep instead of the recommended eight to ten amount. In the article written by Maggie Fox, “U.S. Schools Kids Start Too Early,” she claims that lack of sleep and early school starting hours cause students to perform poorly and participate in illegal activity. I agree that schools need to start later, but I disagree about the changed start time.
In the article, Fox argues that schools need to start later, and she discusses the effects from lack of sleep. She cites that “the average start time is 8:03.” Students--especially teenagers--have problems getting the recommended amount of eight to ten hours of sleep. They cannot help but stay up late because of all the distractions available to students. Phones, television, and other aspects prevent students from wanting to go to bed earlier. Even puberty has a play on how students stay up later than recommended. According to the article, “Less than
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20 minutes would not have any effect on students’ sleeping habits. School could even extend an hour later--if needed--if they pushed back the starting time. Schools cannot think students will go to bed earlier because it is not gonna happen. School needs to start later. I think it would increase students’ academic performances and would help them behave better. There would be less grumpy students walking around if they have the chance to get more sleep.
Many students probably agree with this article’s viewpoint, and I am one of those students who agrees. It is time that schools start later. A change needs to be made because students need the extra sleep. Grades would increase. Activity in class would increase. The overall performance in students would change. Schools should take Fox’s advice and make a

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