School Shooting And Mass Shootings Essay example

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In the world we live in today, it is hard to deny the shootings happening all over the united states of America’s college campuses. Music is so easy to access now. Anyone at any age can get access to it. Most people would use YouTube to stream music, app stores, TV, and radio to listen to music. No one can really control the violence that has been spreading through the music. In a result of excessive exposure to violent music we see school shooting and mass shootings too. According to Gretchen Cundiff “ages of 16 and 30 are the most likely age group to consume rap/hip-hop music, and in turn, may become desensitized to the derogatory lyrics condoning relationship violence and sexual aggression” (Cundiff 71). As shocking as this data might be, it is true and it is probably going to get worse if nothing is done about it. Students today are facing a tough time trying to avoid the hatred in some of the rock and rap music. Some Rock, hip hop, and rap songs really just send loud and clear violent messages within their lyrics. Songs would mention killing people of color or killing others just to prove your worth in life like if it is just a normal mean to survive. Having to kill others no matter if they are wrong or right guilty or innocent is not our responsibility, it is up to the authority to decide. The data shows how violence in relation to music aids in altering an individual 's behavior, and will result in aggressive thoughts.
Music is more of a way of describing…

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