Essay on School Lunches Is A Major Problem

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School lunches is a major problem in today’s world. Unfortunately, school lunches has a big issue with health problems such as obesity. All around the world, people are struggling with obesity. It is the national health problem and can kill quite many of people. Obesity is growing and affecting over thirty five percent in the United States, and nearly thirty two percent for children. Obesity can cause cancers, diabetes, stokes and many other health problems. Students who eat school lunches are likely to be overweight, than the other students that bring they brown paper bags. The one concern is even though students who bring they lunches and student who eat lunch at school comes out to be the same percentage as being overweight, that means that the child’s family would be contributing to the overweight status. Child obese has been moving up since 1980’s. If the school lunches are made for the children to be healthy, then why would obesity occur in children’s health today?
According to Diane Whitmore, “The National School Lunch Program (NSLP), serves lunch to almost thirty million students and sixty percent of the total student population. Although a large fraction of school lunch participants get their lunch free (48 percent) or at a reduced price (9 percent), a substantial number (43 percent) are from non-poor families and pay full price” (Whitmore, 2004). The government participates with a large amount in the lunch program, the government provides 6.1 billion in cash to…

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