School Involvement Of Parents And Their Children 's Educational Outcomes

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Being a parent is an extremely difficult and taxing job that requires awareness of the nature of a youth’s development. There is a fine line between good parenting and bad parenting and it is important for parents to be aware of the characteristics of both. Although there are an abundance of opinions about the correct way to raise a child, research shows that some parenting techniques pose better outcomes for children than others. There are many things good parents do that create positive outcomes for their children. First and foremost, a good parent is involved in their child’s life, and gives their child the emotional and physical attention that they require. Being an involved parent takes a lot of time and often involves sacrifice and rearrangement of priorities, but research shows that children reap the benefits. Zellman and Waterman (1998) conducted a study on the impact of school involvement of parents and their children’s educational outcomes. Findings indicated that parent’s involvement in academics was related to positive child outcomes. Likewise, another study concluded that positive father involvement benefitted the child’s developmental outcome (Amato & Rivera, 1999). The results of the previous studies reiterate that parental involvement is important for the positive development of children. Similarly, good parents also monitor their children, while still letting them explore their autonomy. Amato and Fowler (2004) found that parental monitoring was related…

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