School Drug Testing Policies Essay

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Students and School Drug-Testing Policies
Drugs, drugs, drugs…something about drugs seem to be in the headlines everywhere. Athletes, government agencies, welfare recipients, middle and high school have all had problems with drugs. Numerous of these affiliations have drug testing policies in place. Although, do they use them as a deterrent for drug use or is the policy even enforced? We shall take a look into the policies set forth in some high schools to see how they are handled. “War on Drugs” is a term we all have come to know well. Ingenious techniques or tools such as; drug sniffing dogs, hair follicle tests, urine test, metal detectors, and cameras are at the disposal of many school systems today. While my first thought to all of these options is the expense that it must cost the school system, who is absorbing this cost? Have the school systems even used these tools to enforce their drug policies? The particular drug policies are enclosed in the handbooks, which each student receives at the beginning of the current school year. To which, the student is
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The student participants, were given a self-administered questionnaire. There were 30,000 students in the eighth grade from 260 schools, 23,000 students in the tenth grade from 227 high schools, and 23,000 in the twelfth grade from 235 high schools (Yamaguchi 1). Generally the school principal or the school administrator reported the drug-testing policies for the “Youth, Education, and Society (YES)” study. Additionally, there were two subsets involved. The first included 303 high schools, of which 3,000 were male athletes and the second included 331 high schools, of which 8000 students disclosed having used marijuana on more than twenty instances (Yamaguchi

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