Essay On War On Drugs

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Since the seventies there has been an ongoing war on U.S soil. This war first started by President Richard Nixon and later enforced by every president following him is called “The War on drugs”. With thirty plus year fighting this so called war, one would think that it is being won, but unfortunately this is not the case. The war on drug is not only being lost, but costing the country millions, lowering drug cost, increasing corruption, rising crime rates, and increasing drug use. Because of these reasons is why the war on drugs should be ended at once. One reason the war on drug should be ended is because of the millions of dollars it cost the country to keep it going. According to one editor of the Chicago Tribune “$1.1 billion of the government 's total annual budget, was spent on the drug war in 1997” (Tribune). In just one year over one billion dollars were used to fight drugs in the United States alone. One billion tax payers’ dollars is being spent on a never ending war. As if one billion were not enough another editor states that the amount being spent is even greater. “Government 's anti-drug budget is now …show more content…
This war is not only increasing drug use among teens, but increasing corruption among cops and government officials, increasing crime rate across America, reducing the prices of some drugs like cocaine and heroin, and is costing the country billions of dollars that could be used to better fund schools across the United States. For these reasons is why the war on drugs should be ended. This war is not making a drug free country, it is hurting every single person in this country in one form or another. For as long as the war on drugs continues criminal will keep doing illegal actives in order to get their way and keep bringing drugs into the

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