Chapter 7 Reflection

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As I mentioned in my chapter seven reflection, there are nearly an infinite number of reasons why children may act out during the school day. Some more examples include, the amount of free space in the classroom, the lack of down time, too much stimulation, pent up energy, and incompetence when completing assignments, just to name a few. Believe it or not, but all of these can be prevented with just some extra thought and effort from the teacher. For example, he or she needs to consider what the floor plan of their room is going to be like, where will the desks be? how will they be arranged? where should the teacher’s desk go? According to the text, children know what type of environment you are establishing by how the classroom is set up. …show more content…
Transitions are one of the most difficult times that both teachers and students experience during the school day. Students will act out during a transition time because they have not completed the task that they were working on. There are many things that teachers can do to help avoid the appearance of challenging behavior in the classroom, such as giving the students a choice in the activities that they participate in, differentiating the instruction so that all children feel competent in their learning, allowing time for play so that students can burn off pent up energy, and having students work collaboratively in groups. All of these strategies work well because the student is getting the attention that they need, even if it is not directly from the teacher. There were many great ideas that I took from this chapter; however, I will only list the few that I feel could make the biggest difference when it comes to preventing challenging behavior. In regards to transitions, which consumes about 15% of a child’s day, I would give a warning that in ___ minutes, it will be time to clean up the toys, line up to go to art, etc. Once the amount of time is up, I will have the children complete the transition. If there

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