Schizophrenia And Ocd : The Troubled Mind Of Margery Kempe Essay

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Schizophrenia and OCD: The Troubled Mind of Margery Kempe
The mind can be a very fragile thing. Too much stress, too much trauma, and a person can be left as a mere shell of their former selves. Once a person’s psyche is shattered there is no guarantee that they will pull themselves back together again or whether the victim will come back the same. Mental disorders can be tricky, they do not always affect one person the same way that it might affect another. Some are left irrevocably changed by their trauma and come out so differently that not even their loved ones can recognize them anymore, their old personality is destroyed and an entirely new one rises from the ashes. This is what ends up happening to Margery Kempe, her pregnancy nearly destroyed her mind and when she put herself back together, she returned as almost a new person. She made the claim that Jesus had visited her in a dream and made her his bride. She was eventually able to convince her husband to a life of celibacy and travel across the word on a series of pilgrimages, trying to inspire the general population with the same level of religious devotion that she had been left with. Despite her general good intentions though, there was clearly something still wrong with her mind. She experienced even more visions of herself with Jesus and even mentally inserted herself into several important biblical events as a sort of background character. Without the chance to examine her firsthand, psychologists…

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